“Where Industry and Academia Meet: An International Perspective” by Kempff and Ljungman

  • ©Joakim Kempff and Johan Ljungman

  • ©Joakim Kempff and Johan Ljungman

  • ©Joakim Kempff and Johan Ljungman

  • ©Joakim Kempff and Johan Ljungman




    Where Industry and Academia Meet: An International Perspective




    Multimedia systems and digital media are becoming increasingly important throughout the world. There is also a shortage of people who are educated and trained to develop, design, and implement these systems. Today’s computer interfaces are designed in a much more visual and intuitive manner, so the skills involved in creating software applications have expanded from traditional programming to include creative skills, such as graphic design and writing interactive narratives. Education of graduates who are joining the information technology industry must now address the need for these new multidisciplinary skills.

    This panel discusses these problems and issues in both academia and industry in Sweden, including: the convergence of traditional computer science students with traditional artists, obtaining qualified staff, and how industry is working together with academia in solving these problems. We also look at how to introduce university graduates to industry. We examine some of the industry-education problems caused by the structure of the Swedish education system and propose some possible solutions. We hope that by airing these issues for discussion, both industry and academia can understand each other better, locally and internationally, and pursue the solutions that are presented.

    One of the problems that we encounter is the need to focus on communication, not the computer: the need to provide communication that connects people, companies, schools, and clients. University and industry need to collaborate to solve these problems.


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