“What Role Does Technology Play in Starting Your Digital Media Program?” by Stukator, Hogarth, Hasselbach and Weinberg

  • ©Angela Stukator, Pam Hogarth, Marty Hasselbach, and Richard A. Weinberg




    What Role Does Technology Play in Starting Your Digital Media Program?




    In the last few years, the numbers of schools offering digital media programs has exploded whether it being 4 year college and universities offering terminal degrees to other schools offering certificate programs or continuing education classes. In planning programs such as these, there are obviously concerns of accreditation, faculty recruitment and curriculum development, however the role of technology in supporting such endeavors should not be discounted.

    At SIGGRAPH 2005, I propose a forum featuring some of the more successful schools to discuss the various issues technology issues that they have faced in their program. The forum would feature individuals from various perspectives from those programs that have made significant investments in technology and infrastructure to those that enjoyed success without the same level of investment. The participants would be from academia as well as from the technical side. What the forum will not be is an opportunity for the participating schools to sell their programs. As a moderator, I would to find someone from industry who has strong ties to education that can keep the discussion going and on track.


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