“What Can We Learn by Benchmarking Graphics Systems?” Moderated by Ricki Blau

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    What Can We Learn by Benchmarking Graphics Systems?



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    As a growing user population relies on computer graphics as a tool in everyday work, there is increasing interest in the performance of graphics systems. Recent proposals for standard graphics benchmarks demonstrate this interest. This panel discusses some of these proposals and investigates general issues in measuring the performance of graphics systems. Can a standard set of benchmarks reveal accurate insights to a varied constituency? What are the right and the wrong parameters to measure? How can we obtain the information we want? What comparisons are useful? Panelists consider the structure, contents and interpretation of benchmarks and offer alternative approaches to performance measurement. The panelists include benchmark designers, system builders and users with wide experience in the performance analysis of software and hardware for graphics. The goal of the panel is to suggest ways to obtain meaningful performance measurements.

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