“Wētā FX Presents the VFX of Peacemaker” by Galeon

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    Wētā FX Presents the VFX of Peacemaker


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    In this talk, CG Supervisor, Jason Galeon discusses the weird and wonderful creatures of Peacemaker and the gory effects that punctuate the comedic violence that James Gunn fans have come to expect.
    Eagly is undoubtedly the breakout star of the show. He’s a symbol of Peacemaker’s devout patriotism and his best friend: James Gunn has described him as loyal, thug-like and intimidating. Non-speaking characters always require an additional level of care in their design and animation to portray their intentions. For Eagly, we built a photoreal model of a bald eagle, complete with a musculoskeletal structure and with a few adjustments made to his physiology to better express his performance. His tongue is able to flap around like a dogs when hanging his head out the car window, and he can wrap his wings around Peacemaker in an earnest hug.
    We knew from the outset the appearance of the feathers could make or break his character. Jason will share how his team were able to perform accurate, interactive feather simulations with microscopic detail that ensured they could reliably publish motion, bake, and render without having to fix feathers individually.
    Jason will go into detail on the other characters from the brilliantly eccentric mind of James Gunn. This includes the ‘caterpillar cow’ the aliens teleported to earth so they can milk it for nectar—as well as the cavern environment that houses the creature—, alien butterflies that burrow into brains to take over the host bodies, and the talking gorilla that gets cut in half by a chainsaw.


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