“WAVE: Interactive Color Graphics for Waveform Analysis” by Robbins and Green

  • ©Fred E. Robbins and William G. Green




    WAVE: Interactive Color Graphics for Waveform Analysis

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    WAVE, an interactive color graphics software system for Waveform Analysis Visualization and Edification, is an evolving software interface between an Anagraph Color Graphics System, a CDC 6400/7600 computer configuration, and User Application programs coded in standard FORTRAN source language.

    WAVE, when mated with the user application modules provides a complete specialized interactive graphical analysis system. The system features:

    • Full interaction of user with program operation via keyboard/trackball inputs;
    • A large repertoire of viewing and display options for interactive selection;
    • Interactive storage and retrieval of displays and off-line or job-to-job capabilities available through magnetic tape;
    • A variety of methods for the retrieval of analytical information;
    • Automatic adjustment of scaling, centering, and other detailed viewing parameters to maximize user convenience;
    • Application program options displayed in user terminology to minimize learning time;
    • Modular construction to facilitate addition of new application modules.

    The WAVE program is readily modified to meet specialized user requirements. Several applications of the WAVE system are currently operational at the Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center’s (BMDATC) Advanced Research Center (ARC) in Huntsville, Alabama. The WAVE technique has been applied comprehensively to the problem of radar ambiguity analysis and clutter rejection. Other applications of WAVE are currently in progress or have been less comprehensively developed.

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