“Water Planet” by Ursyn

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    Water Planet



    Our planet holds mostly water. In the water, much as in our lives, changes are slow yet difficult to keep up with. As we grow up, we hear stories about goodness and bravery, un-won battles and new lands unconquered for simple but unexplainable reasons. We envision joy on a princess’ face when she is presented with silk and pearls sent on a ship under big white sails. We embolden the prince in shining armor, on a white horse, to fight a dragon and win a princess whose portrait is in a talisman he carries. These tales vary depending on the culture, but they create values that we can translate into contemporary media to help us understand reality. We transform old cultural information to meet the needs of the present audience; works of literature are remade as movies; traditional stories are retold with new metaphors and annotations; histories are modified and retold in ways that mollify, rather than inflame, an audience.

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