“Visualizing the Production Process of ‘Encanto’ With the Command Center” by Tennant, Counsell, Jangtrakool, Ortega, Sharma, et al. …

  • ©Justin Tennant, Mitch Counsell, Far Jangtrakool, Salina Ortega, Rajesh Sharma, Tad Miller, and Scott Kersavage



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    Visualizing the Production Process of 'Encanto' With the Command Center



    Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the Command Center, a web application for communicating and monitoring high dimensional production metrics at the studio. Developed and utilized during the production of “Encanto”, the Command Center provides near-real time insights into render performance metrics, department staffing, completion data, and film production progression statistics, all integrated into a singular novel film interface. The source data is collated into multiple “buckets” of aggregation, allowing observation at high, medium, and low levels of granularity. Since its inauguration on “Encanto”, the Command Center has grown in adoption among several new productions and has shifted our studio’s direction and perception of collecting and monitoring our production metrics.


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