“Visualizing many-particle astronomical simulations”




    Visualizing many-particle astronomical simulations


    Astronomers often work on many-particle systems. For example, the Earth had been formed from millions of planetesimals, and a galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars. We have developed a GUI visualization tool specialized for astronomical many-particle simulations. Our purpose is to provide a visualization tool which is simple enough for the usage of astronomers who are not specialists of computer graphics (CG), while powerful enough to render highquality simulation CG movies for scientific shows. We named the tool as “Zindaiji” from a place-name near the main campus of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. One of our movies made by Zindaiji, “Formation of A Spiral Galaxy” is accepted for CAF (caf 0761) and will be shown in Electronic Theater. (Figure 1(a)) We report the way how we visualized this million-particle simulation and other astronomical simulations.

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