“Visualization of the Imaginary Stroke Movement of Painting and Calligraphy” by Zhang, Lyu and Yuan

  • ©Tianqin Zhang, Ruimin Lyu, and Zhaolin Yuan




    Visualization of the Imaginary Stroke Movement of Painting and Calligraphy



    Beholders can feel the imaginary movement from the artist’s brushstrokes in visual artworks. This psychological phenomenon has been recorded in the world’s art literature, and its physiological basis has been found by neuroaesthetics researchers. However, past practice and research have neither tried to fetch the “data” of the imaginary stroke movement from the brain nor re-created artworks in new forms based on it. By drawing lessons from “copying,” a common practice in art skill training, we develop two interactive “painting” applications which enable the user to draw their perceived stroke movement on reference artworks.

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