“Visualization of large ISO-Surfaces based on nested clip-boxes” by Forstmann and Ohya

  • ©Sven Forstmann and Jun Ohya

  • ©Sven Forstmann and Jun Ohya




    Visualization of large ISO-Surfaces based on nested clip-boxes



    This paper proposes a novel algorithm for the view-dependent visualization of large iso-surfaces in real-time. It is inspired by the terrain rendering algorithm of Losasso et al. that uses nested geometry clip-maps to achieve continuous LOD (level of detail), rather than building a complex LOD hierarchy. As their system is optimized to visualize terrain from 2D height-maps, not iso surfaces from 3D volume data, our proposed algorithm required a complete redesign to ensure simplicity, rendering performance and continuous framerates for the 3D case as well. The result is a unique continuous LOD approach, based on nested clip-boxes for visualizing the triangular geometry. Note that since our proposed algorithm uses nesting for 3D cases, ”clip-maps” needed to be extended to ”clip-boxes”.


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©Sven Forstmann and Jun Ohya ©Sven Forstmann and Jun Ohya

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