“Visual Effects through Adaptive Technologies” by Amron

  • ©Mike Amron




    Visual Effects through Adaptive Technologies



    Classroom of the Future
    This Workshop covers computer animation for the artist with disabilities who has a desire to enter the computer animation effects field. As new technologies emerge for the disabled computer user, the animation software being utilized by some of the major animation companies becomes more accessible for wheelchair-bound animators. The workshop stresses customization of the computer interface to the user, techniques for creating visual effects for various media, and computer animation as a viable career opportunity for the differently abled computer user.
    Topics include:
    • Unique computer interfaces, such as voice command, and alternative input devices.
    • Pen-based interfaces that allow for more intuitive programs.
    • Animation basics within popular animation systems and interfaces appropriate to
    creating animation within a production environment.
    With the advent of Web-based informational content, many of the techniques and instructional resources for visual effects can be accessed through Web interaction and research. The workshop also summarizes these online resources, system integration, and research techniques.

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