“Virtual Rephotography: Novel View Prediction Error for 3D Reconstruction” by Waechter, Beljian, Fuhrmann, Moehrle, Kopf, et al. …

  • ©Michael Waechter, Mate Beljian, Simon Fuhrmann, Nils Moehrle, Johannes Kopf, and Michael Goesele




    Virtual Rephotography: Novel View Prediction Error for 3D Reconstruction

Session/Category Title: Get More Out of Your Photo




    The ultimate goal of many image-based modeling systems is to render photo-realistic novel views of a scene without visible artifacts. Existing evaluation metrics and benchmarks focus mainly on the geometric accuracy of the reconstructed model, which is, however, a poor predictor of visual accuracy. Furthermore, using only geometric accuracy by itself does not allow evaluating systems that either lack a geometric scene representation or utilize coarse proxy geometry. Examples include a light field and most image-based rendering systems. We propose a unified evaluation approach based on novel view prediction error that is able to analyze the visual quality of any method that can render novel views from input images. One key advantage of this approach is that it does not require ground truth geometry. This dramatically simplifies the creation of test datasets and benchmarks. It also allows us to evaluate the quality of an unknown scene during the acquisition and reconstruction process, which is useful for acquisition planning. We evaluate our approach on a range of methods, including standard geometry-plus-texture pipelines as well as image-based rendering techniques, compare it to existing geometry-based benchmarks, demonstrate its utility for a range of use cases, and present a new virtual rephotography-based benchmark for image-based modeling and rendering systems.


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