“Virtual Reality as Healing Art” Moderated by Galen R. Brandt

  • ©Rita K. Addison, Hugh S. Lusted, Tom Riess, Myron W. Krueger, Richard Satava, Dorothy Strickland, and Hunter G. Hoffman



Entry Number: 08


    Virtual Reality as Healing Art




    How can we use virtual reality to heal ourselves – body, mind and soul? Could it be that virtual healing is the “killer app” of VR not because it kills, but because it heals? In its deepest promise and most profound practice, VR as both healing modality and visionary art form is a transformative technology with extraordinary power to make and keep us well. From classic vision to cutting-edge research, with real-world examples and real-time performance from the true pioneers of cyberspace healing, this panel looked at cyberspace as a healing place, avatar as anima, virtual reality as healing art.

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