“Virtual Lighting Using Stereo Images” by Yoshida and Tsuruno

  • ©Shinya Yoshida and Reiji Tsuruno

  • ©Shinya Yoshida and Reiji Tsuruno



Entry Number: 046


    Virtual Lighting Using Stereo Images



    Previous methods of Image-Based Modeling and Rendering (IBMR) that generate virtual lighting need many images as input; the quality of resultant images depends on the number of input images [Mukaigawa et al. 2000, Wong et al. 1997]. In this paper, we present a method of IBMR that generates the virtual lighting requiring less input images. We obtain the 3D coordinates of a target from 3 pairs of stereo images, restore the 3D object and then light the modeled 3D object. We take each pair of stereo images every 120 degrees.


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