“Virtual human interface: towards building an intelligent animated agent” by Kiss, Szijártó and Takacs

  • ©Bernadette Kiss, Gábor Szijártó, and Barnabas Takacs



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    Virtual human interface: towards building an intelligent animated agent

Session/Category Title:   Artificial Intelligence



    We describe our ongoing research on creating a Virtual Human Interface that employs photo-realistic virtual people and animated characters to provide digital media users with information, learning services and entertainment in a highly personalized manner. Our system was designed to be able to create emotional engagement between the virtual character and the user, thus increasing the efficiency of learning and/or absorbing any information broadcasted through this device. We developed innovative technologies for (i) photo-real facial modeling & animation, (ii) context dependent motion libraries with on-line retargeting, (iii) artificial emotions to modulate the characters’ behavior and (iv) artificial vision to make the virtual human “aware” of its surroundings. The second key aspect of our solution is a simple to use high level content authoring process, comprising of video-based MPEG4 facial tracking and an innovative interface called the “Disc Controller”, which allows users to create new actors, make them move and even direct them to achieve a final rendered output within minutes.

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