“Video recoloring via spatial-temporal geometric palettes” by Du, Lei, Xu, Tan and Gingold

  • ©Zheng-Jun Du, Kai-Xiang Lei, Kun Xu, Jianchao Tan, and Yotam Gingold




    Video recoloring via spatial-temporal geometric palettes



    Color correction and color grading are important steps in film production. Recent palette-based approaches to image recoloring have shown that a small set of representative colors provide an intuitive set of handles for color adjustment. However, a single, static palette cannot represent the time-varying colors in a video. We introduce a spatial-temporal geometry-based approach to video recoloring. Specifically, its core is a 4D skew polytope with a few vertices that approximately encloses the video pixels in color and time, which implicitly defines time-varying palettes through slicing of the 4D skew polytope at specific time values. Our geometric palette is compact, descriptive, and provides a correspondence between colors throughout the video, including topological changes when colors merge or split. Experiments show that our method produces natural, artifact-free recoloring.


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