“Victo Ngai Inspired Stylization in Real-Time” by He and

  • ©Yixin He and James (Jaimy) McCann

  • ©Yixin He and James (Jaimy) McCann

  • ©Yixin He and James (Jaimy) McCann



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    Victo Ngai Inspired Stylization in Real-Time



    Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) can transform 3D models into a stylized 2D output that is more evocative than a realistic rendering. In games and animation, this can provide visually interesting results while, potentially, lessening the burden on artists. Inspired by previous work in real-time stylized rendering approaches (e.g., emulating watercolor [Montesdeoca et al. 2017]), we decided to deconstruct and emulate the bold, gradient-filled work of modern artist Victo Ngai. Through a combination of color adjustment, texturing, and gradient fitting, our system can create a fast approximation (Figure 1) of the art of Victo Ngai at interactive rates.

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©Yixin He and James (Jaimy) McCann ©Yixin He and James (Jaimy) McCann


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