“Vector Based Glyph Style Transfer” by Dhanuka, Kumawat and Jindal

  • ©Praveen Kumar Dhanuka, Nirmal Kumawat, and Nipun Jindal

  • ©Praveen Kumar Dhanuka, Nirmal Kumawat, and Nipun Jindal



Entry Number: 21


    Vector Based Glyph Style Transfer



    In this work, we solve the problem of real-time transfer of geometric style from a single glyph to the entire glyph set of ca vector font. In our solution, a single glyph is defined as one or more closed Bézier paths which is further broken down in primitives to define a set of segments. The modification to these segments is percolated to the entire glyph set by comparing the set of segments across glyphs using techniques like the order and direction of segments and the spatial placement of segments. Once the target segments in other glyphs is identified the transformation from style glyph is applied to the target glyph.

    Furthermore, we establish user-controlled policies for percolation of style like mapping line segment modification to curve segments. This extension to the algorithm enables the user to create multiple variations of a glyph.


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