“Utilizing Array Processors as Graphic and Image Processing Engines” Moderated by John Montelione

  • ©Ian Currington, Trey Greer, Wayne Igo, and Barry lsenstein



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    Utilizing Array Processors as Graphic and Image Processing Engines



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    As a computational coprocessor, array processors are utilized to off-load general purpose computers for the performance of sophisticated algorithms in images, graphics and simulation processing. Advancements in computer technology (for pipelined architectures), shared memory implementation and VLSI arithmetic processors have dramatically changed the utility and performance/ price ratio of array processors. This, in turn, has resulted in widespread usage of array processors in applications as diverse as optical inspection, electronic publishing, seismic data analysis, medical imaging and mapping, reconnaissance and solids modeling and finite element analysis.
    The panel session focuses primarily on four principal issues in the utilization of array processors:
    • Applications/algorithms which can benefit from array processors.
    • Programming issues.
    • Tightly vs. loosely coupled interface to host computer.
    • Performance “Mflop ratings” vs. actual throughput. A secondary issue which the panel addresses is emerging technologies in coprocessor design.

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