“Using motion capture to manipulate and edit meshes” by Istead, Eagleson and De Ribaupierre

  • ©Joe Istead, Roy Eagleson, and Sandrine De Ribaupierre




    Using motion capture to manipulate and edit meshes



    We are in the initial stages of the design of a system that uses Microsoft’s Kinect interface to support gesture-based interaction with segmented 3D medical imagery. By harnessing the skeletal information provided by the Kinect motion capture device, our application enables spatial interaction between the user avatar and meshes using hand motions and gestures. In particular, the user selects vertices nearest their hands and then scales, translates and rotates the mesh with natural, intuitive gestures. This system of interaction enables the user to view and manipulate complex graphical objects in real-time, a tool that we envision will allow medical students to interact with 3D biomedical scans, and share 3D collaborative spaces in order to plan and reason about surgical procedures.

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