“User Interface Toolkits: Present And Future” Moderated by Brad A. Myers

  • ©Owen Densmore, David Goldsmith, Andrew Schulert, and Smokey Wallace



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    User Interface Toolkits: Present And Future



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    The days when people implemented user interfaces from scratch are almost over. Implementers now expect to use some kind of user interface toolkit when constructing their systems. These toolkits may contain such things as mouse- based menus, buttons and scroll-bars, as well as facilities for handling the keyboard. These low level primitives out of which user interfaces are constructed are often called interaction techniques. This panel discusses what interaction techniques can be found in toolkits today, and what will be available in the future. Other topics to be covered include the internal structure of the toolkits (why are they mostly object-oriented?). and tools for helping the programmer use the toolkit (often called user interface management systems I.

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