“Typeface styling with ramp responses” by Loviscach

  • ©Jörn Loviscach




    Typeface styling with ramp responses



    Linear filters are standard tools of the artist in image, video and audio processing. This work demonstrates that they can also be used for vector graphics, in particular for typeface design. Serifs and other features of a typeface can be created and edited; gross effects are possible, too. In the software prototype, the user can freely define the shapes that the └ type and the ┘ type of convex axis-aligned rectangular corners should have after filtering. Corners of the types ┐ and ┌ will have the corresponding shapes, rotated by 180° degrees. The two target shapes can be edited as cubic Bézier paths. The result on a given text in a selected typeface is computed as vector graphics and displayed at an interactive rate.


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