“Turning to the masters: motion capturing cartoons”

  • ©Christoph (Chris) Bregler, Lorie Loeb, Erika Chuang, and Rishi Deshpande




    Turning to the masters: motion capturing cartoons



    In this paper, we present a technique we call “cartoon capture and retargeting” which we use to track the motion from traditionally animated cartoons and retarget it onto 3-D models, 2-D drawings, and photographs. By using animation as the source, we can produce new animations that are expressive, exaggerated or non-realistic.Cartoon capture transforms a digitized cartoon into a cartoon motion representation. Using a combination of affine transformation and key-shape interpolation, cartoon capture tracks non-rigid shape changes in cartoon layers. Cartoon retargeting translates this information into different output media. The result is an animation with a new look but with the movement of the original cartoon.


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