“Turn: a virtual pottery by real spinning wheel” by Cho, Heo and Bang

  • ©Sungmin Cho, Yunsil Heo, and Hyunwoo Bang




    Turn: a virtual pottery by real spinning wheel



    Is it possible to transfer real-world sculpting expertise to a virtual space? Through digital pottery, the answer is yes. Digital pottery is a collection of systems that makes it convenient to make pottery in 3D space. In this study, we present a natural & tangible user interface system that fluently connects users’ real-world sculpting experience to virtual pottery making. Introducing a real spinning wheel, we could extend the physical concept of making pottery into 3D space without the burden of bridging the gaps between real & virtual worlds. As a result, we could also retain its unique characteristics of pottery by preserving its essential mechanism of shape formation: Turn.


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©Sungmin Cho, Yunsil Heo, and Hyunwoo Bang ©Sungmin Cho, Yunsil Heo, and Hyunwoo Bang

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