“TREE: An Interactive System for Editing Tree Structures”

  • ©J. W. Lewis




    TREE: An Interactive System for Editing Tree Structures



    Many existing systems provide extensive facilities for entry and manipulation of text. Typical of these are QED (Bell Telephone), TECO (MIT), TVEDIT (Stanford), and E (Yale). Text entry, insertion, deletion, search, and display are all performed interactively with a small number of key strokes. Unfortunately, similarly powerful and general interactive tools for editing of more general data structures have not been available.The system TREE provides these interactive editing facilities for tree structures. TREE enables insertion, deletion, copying, search, and display of any branch of a given tree structure. Any tree, whether a syntax tree, a decision tree, or a LISP program could be entered rapidly and changed quickly in TREE. The program itself is coded in PDP10 FORTRAN IV and will run with any of a number of inexpensive graphics terminals.

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