“Time-varying weathering in texture space”

  • ©Rachele Bellini, Yanir Kleiman, and Daniel Cohen-Or




    Time-varying weathering in texture space

Session/Category Title: TEXTURE




    We present a technique to synthesize time-varying weathered textures. Given a single texture image as input, the degree of weathering at different regions of the input texture is estimated by prevalence analysis of texture patches. This information then allows to gracefully increase or decrease the popularity of weathered patches, simulating the evolution of texture appearance both backward and forward in time. Our method can be applied to a wide variety of different textures since the reaction of the material to weathering effects is physically-oblivious and learned from the input texture itself. The weathering process evolves new structures as well as color variations, providing rich and natural results. In contrast with existing methods, our method does not require any user interaction or assistance. We demonstrate our technique on various textures, and their application to time-varying weathering of 3D scenes. We also extend our method to handle multi-layered textures, weathering transfer, and interactive weathering painting.


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