“Time Management in a Real-Time Animation/Graphics Environment” by Cardman

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    Time Management in a Real-Time Animation/Graphics Environment

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    An important aspect of a real-time animation/graphics system is the definition and management of time and time-dependent relationships: a correlation between “time in the outside world” and the program parameter considered to be “time” by the system must be established, and time-dependent relationships between user-defined objects must be fairly easily specified and possibly subsequently changed.

    Discussion of the time management problem proceeds in this paper in several stages. Part I considers the statement of the problem, rephrasing it in terms relevant to real-time animation/ graphics systems. Part II, a description of the hardware and software environment for our system, provides some of the background for its implementation. Part III discusses traditional solutions to the problem, as embodied in contemporary computer operating systems. Part IV is a brief survey of time management techniques used in several computer graphics systems, while Part V presents our solution and Part VI discusses problems still remaining.


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