“Thin Films in Production With Extended Anisotropic Kernels” by Kilgo, Pilgrim, Havaldar and Ghoniem

  • ©Paul Kilgo, Jamie Pilgrim, Parag Havaldar, and Ashraf Ghoniem



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    Thin Films in Production With Extended Anisotropic Kernels



    Particles offer a convenient way of modeling fluid simulations, but ultimately the goal in photorealistic VFX is to extract a surface representing the fluid which looks true-to-life. A characteristic of dynamic fluid simulations is thin fluid sheets which are challenging to extract a surface from. Bumpy artifacts are frequently exposed in these features. Anisotropic smoothing kernels [Yu and Turk 2013] are a method to combat this, but they also present their own usability challenges. Similar ideas have been used before in the film industry [Museth et al. 2007].

    This paper extends the anisotropic kernels technique to provide an automatic scaling correction feature so artists may work in normalized terms. We also use a metaball implicit function over smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) kernels to achieve smooth surfaces. With these extensions, artists can quickly create high quality surfaces with fewer particles.


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