“The Technical Art of Uncharted 4”

  • ©Waylon Brinck, Andrew Maximov, and Yibing Jiang

  • ©Waylon Brinck, Andrew Maximov, and Yibing Jiang



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    The Technical Art of Uncharted 4



    Rendering technology for Uncharted 4 underwent a major overhaul in order to fit the needs of the game and the power of the PlayStation 4. The design requirements specified a huge variety of locations and looks, with many one-off features for particular scenes. The art direction called for a more “painterly” look, while the art team wanted the predictability of physically-based rendering. And everyone wanted to push the graphical fidelity as far as possible.

    To help achieve this, we opened up the shading code to technical artists. Core algorithms and framework were still written by the rendering engineers, but technical artists were able to develop technology that was robust, physically-based, and user-friendly. Some examples of this tech are presented here.


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