“The role of videotex” Moderated by

  • ©Brian Botten, John Norton, Lois Schneider, Frank W. Tompa, David Godfrey, and Andries (Andy) van Dam



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    The role of videotex



    Frank W. Tompa Interactive videotex systems may soon emerge as a principal information, entertainment and communications medium relying heavily on computer graphics. Until now, much has been written about the image presentation and data facilities of the several current systems, but videotex literature and research is unexpectedly far removed from mainstream graphics audiences. The purpose of this panel session is therefore to narrow the gap. In outline, the panel session includes an introduction to videotex, followed by several short presentations covering videotex graphics, experience, alternatives, and prospects. Brian Botten David Godfrey John Norton Lois Schneider Andries van Dam

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