“The Process Behind “Rupert,” a Student Produced 3D Animation” by Porter

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    The Process Behind “Rupert,” a Student Produced 3D Animation



    This paper documents the educational experience of collaboratively developing a student-produced animation. It is my hope that these materials will be useful to those planning collaborative artistic endeavors, especially students and educators who are planning computer animations as an educational experience. Video clips and images into the write-up (including the final animation) are included as illustrations in the electronic version of this paper.

    I was fortunate to have participated with more than 30 students in creation of the computer-animated cartoon “Rupert,” a process that took us about two years. In the beginning, we did not know how to coordinate the efforts of multiple students, so besides learning about animation, we also learned to collaborate on an artistic endeavor (and the different roles that we as individuals could play in this collaborative process). We tried several different approaches to organizing our group during the production of the animation, and though the flow from one form of collaboration to the next was not planned, in retrospect I see a “method to our madness”.


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