“The Pipeline Project: A Holistic Approach to Teaching Multimedia” by Folley, Thomson, Parker and Cope

  • ©Duncan Folley, Simon Thomson, Stephen Parker, and Nick Cope




    The Pipeline Project: A Holistic Approach to Teaching Multimedia



    An interesting educational development within the School of Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) has been the approach to the teaching of the level 2 BSc Multimedia Technology course. The level team has developed a structured, holistic approach to delivering modules. This has allowed students to develop skills and knowledge of the module subjects in semester one and then integrated the learning from ALL the modules in semester two. Working in groups they develop a major piece of work which has become known as “The Pipeline Project”. This approach was further developed and enhanced as the level team went to the UK government-funded conference on group work and assessment (GWAP) at Bournemouth University.

    The main area of development was the assessment process that allows for students to clearly see the aims and objectives of each module but within a more global project. Not only has this holistic approach benefited the students, it has also allowed staff to develop material that goes across modules and allows for team teaching and an integrated lecture programme. This logical approach to project work echoes the skills required in the multimedia industry. As part of the GWAP experience, the teams have now enhanced a peer assessment programme from which individual student attainment is obtained from group assessment.

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