“The Past, Present and Future of the Video Game Cinematic” Moderated by

  • ©Franck Balson, Stuart Aitken, Phillip Hillenbrand, Thomas Vu, Matthew Ward, Jakub Jablonski, and Alex Rabb



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    The Past, Present and Future of the Video Game Cinematic




    Balson, Aitken, Chamberlain, Vu, Ward and Jablonski comprise the top minds on the world of video game marketing and narrative content, having delivered trailers and cinematics for some of the area’s most critically applauded work over the last three decades. In this talk they will discuss the tools, processes and technology that makes their work possible while also exploring a conversation that will seek to look at the creative and economic contexts that has underpinned their work. Tey will reveal the “what”, “who” and “why” behind the creation of both game trailers and cinematics, shedding light on a growing sector that has ofen been applauded but rarely analyzed. Audiences will come away with a deeper understanding of video game trailer and cinematic animation; how the work in the area has crystallized into a distinct sub-genre; and why the future looks to propel this style of work beyond the boundaries of the video game and into new territory



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