“The Mobile 3D Ecosystem” by Vaarala, Miettinen, Simpson, Aarnio and Callow

  • ©Jani Vaarala, Ville Miettinen, Robert J. Simpson, Tomi Aarnio, and Mark Callow



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    The Mobile 3D Ecosystem

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    Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics. Working knowledge of a modern graphics API like OpenGL, D3D, X3D, or Java3D. Ability to read simple computer programs written in C and Java. Useful but not required: exposure to shading languages such as GLSL, HLSL, and Cg.

    Intended Audience
    Anyone who is interested in developing 3D graphics applications on mobile devices, although the content is targeted more towards programmers than artists.

    How to develop 3D applications for mobile devices, how they function, and where they are heading. The course focuses on OpenGL ES and M3G, and how to use these technologies to create efficient applications and deploy them in the mobile world. It covers the structure and evolution of 3D applications, shows programming examples, and provides tips and tricks for programmers and artists.



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