“The meditation chamber: a debriefing” by Seay, Gromala, Hodges and Shaw

  • ©A. Fleming Seay, Diane Gromala, Larry F. Hodges, and Christopher D. Shaw



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    The meditation chamber: a debriefing

Session/Category Title:   Calm Places



    During the Emerging Technologies exhibition at Siggraph 2001, over 400 attendees experienced The Meditation Chamber. This immersive, bio-interactive environment was designed to use visual, audio, and tactile cues to create, guide, and maintain a user’s guided relaxation and meditation experience. During this sketch, the project’s producers will discuss the design and implementation of this unique installation. We will also show footage from the experience and discuss the subjective relaxation measures and the GSR, heart rate and respiration data generated by 411 Siggraph attendees.

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