“The Impact of Public Policy on Computer Graphics” by Ellis and Simons

  • ©Robert A. Ellis and Barbara Simons



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    The Impact of Public Policy on Computer Graphics

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    Interest in and understanding of the general-public’s use of computer graphics and related policy issues are useful. Low-level knowledge of computer graphics technology is not required. 

    Computing and public policy, deployment of broadband telecommunications, use and protection of intellectual property, digital copy protection, convergence of computing and television, research support, and public policy activities. 

    As personal computers proliferate and access to the Internet increases use of and access to computer graphics, researchers, developers, and practitioners confront policy and legal issues that increasingly affect their professional activities. This course explores the technical and policy issues associated with intellectual property, digital copy protection, digital and high-definition video, support for computer graphics research, deployment of broadband telecommunications, and the role of technical societies such as SIGGRAPH, ACM, and IEEE. 


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