“The HYPERREAL design system” by Yamamoto, Hisada, Kanaya and Sato

  • ©Keiko Yamamoto, Masaru Hisada, Ichiroh Kanaya, and Kosuke Sato

  • ©Keiko Yamamoto, Masaru Hisada, Ichiroh Kanaya, and Kosuke Sato




    The HYPERREAL design system



    This paper presents a new MR (mixed reality) system for virtually modifying (e.g., denting, engraving, swelling) shape of real objects by using projection of computer-generated shade. Users of this system (named Hyperreal) recognize as if the real object was actually deformed when they operate the system to modify the shape of the object while only the shade pattern of the real object is changed. The authors are aiming to apply this technology to product designing field: designers would be able to evaluate and modify form of their product more efficiently and effectively by using Hyperreal than conventional design process (typically, CAD (computer aided design) systems and solid mock-ups) since the system is able to give actuality of real mock-up and still gives flexibility of shape data on a computer system (such as CAD system).


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