“The hemi-cube: a radiosity solution for complex environments” by Greenberg and Cohen

  • ©Donald P. Greenberg and Michael Cohen




    The hemi-cube: a radiosity solution for complex environments



    This paper presents a comprehensive method to calculate object to object diffuse reflections within complex environments containing hidden surfaces and shadows. In essence, each object in the environment is treated as a secondary light source. The method provides an accurate representation of the “diffuse” and “ambient” terms found in typical image synthesis algorithms. The phenomena of “color bleeding” from one surface to another, shading within shadow envelopes, and penumbras along shadow boundaries are accurately reproduced. Additional advantages result because computations are indepedent of viewer position. This allows the efficient rendering of multiple views of the same scene for dynamic sequences. Light sources can be modulated and object reflectivities can be changed, with minimal extra computation. The procedures extend the radiosity method beyond the bounds previously imposed.


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