“The form of sound through hybrid materials” by Ferrarello and Walker

  • ©Laura Ferrarello and Kevin Walker

  • ©Laura Ferrarello and Kevin Walker



Entry Number: 07


    The form of sound through hybrid materials



    We describe a digital design process that interfaces real-time data with 3D modeling and 3D printing techniques. Digital Impressionism (DI) is a platform that explores new material possibilities, by 3D modeling physical and digital objects, as affected by invisible forces that act upon them in real time. Using a 3D pointcloud as a medium, we describe an experimental project run with students in our programme, incorporating realtime audio data to manipulate 3D physical forms, resulting in new static and dynamic shapes with what we call a hybrid materiality. The modeling platform of DI treats materials as composites, through which substance becomes physical via the digital interference the environment applies to digital forms. We describe dynamic modeling processes through which data enables a new hybrid tectonic made of composite shapes and materials. This abstract introduces the project and describes our methodology and results so far.



    Thanks to IED students Francisco Norris, Virginia Koutla, Ker Siang Yao, Danila Luppino, Kotaro Abe and Joanne Harik. We would also like to thank Michael Pecirno for helping starting the project, and Juan Pablo de La Vega for the technical help.


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