“The Convergence of Scientific Visualization Methods with the World Wide Web” by Rhyne, Botts, Hibbard and Treinish

  • ©Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Mike Botts, William (Bill) L. Hibbard, and Lloyd A. Treinish



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    The Convergence of Scientific Visualization Methods with the World Wide Web

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    Experience with scientific visualization systems and terminology, and an understanding of computer graphics programming.

    Each instructor presents a visualization demonstration based on customized software tools operating in real time. Attendees gain hands-on experience with each of these demonstrations. The course also summarizes how visualization tool development is expanding with the evolution of Java/Java3D, real time streaming, 3D Web tools (VRML and X3D), the Extensible Markup Language (XML), and other emerging Internet technologies.

    This course examined how visualization methods are converging with the World Wide Web and the relationship between real-time interactivity and scientific information exploration. It reviewed application of visualization tools and interactive techniques to examination and interpretation of scientific data. It summarized the process of developing effective visualization paradigms for supporting high-speed networking, multi-platform computer architectures, database management, data mining, user interface design, remote collaborative exploration, science education, and real-time interactive animation.


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