“The Art and Technology of Disney’s “Dinosaur”” by Eskuri, Belzer, Bloodworth, Brett, Buckley, et al. …

  • ©Neil Eskuri, Mike Belzer, Baker Bloodworth, Cliff Brett, Bruce Buckley, Jim Hillin, Neil Krepela, Cristy Maltese, Pam Marsden, Terry Moews, and Sean Phillips



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    The Art and Technology of Disney's "Dinosaur"

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    Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics. The course is appropriate for anyone interested in feature animation, including artists, animators, modelers, and technical directors. 

    Live-action cinematography for digital effects, modeling, animation, secondary animation, skinning, and software tools.

    An exploration of the artistic and technical challenges in Walt Disney Feature Animation’s recent film, “Dinosaur”. When they began making this film in 1994, the production staff faced the challenge of designing and creating a full-length animated feature film with live-action background plates and photoreal, computer- generated characters. In this course, artistic and technical members of the production staff explained how they photographed the live-action backgrounds and acquired virtual set data; designed and modeled photorealistic characters; animated, rigged, and skinned the characters; integrated the 3D characters into the live-action plates; and manipulated and enhanced live-action backgrounds. 


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