“The application of the intercolor 8000 terminal to thematic cartography” by Carter and Icove

  • ©James R. Carter and David J. Icove




    The application of the intercolor 8000 terminal to thematic cartography



    The Intercolor 8000 color video terminal is used in conjunction with a timesharing computer system for applications in thematic cartography. The version of the terminal discussed can resolve the screen into a matrix of 25 rows by 80 columns with colored characters on colored backgrounds. Using the plot mode, the screen can be further resolved into single-color cells of 100 rows by 160 columns. The value and limitations of the terminal are discussed in terms of the selection and brightness of the eight colors, the dimensions of the cells and the ability to mix colors in small cells. The possibilities of using the terminal for dot, choropleth and isarithmic maps are explored. Acetate overlays can be used to add base lines such as boundaries and rivers and the composite images can be recorded on standard slide film.


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