“Texturing on patterned cloth with wrinkles in a 2D illustration” by Murakami and Tsuruno

  • ©Kyoko Murakami and Reiji Tsuruno

  • ©Kyoko Murakami and Reiji Tsuruno




    Texturing on patterned cloth with wrinkles in a 2D illustration



    This research present the method to generate wrinkles on patterned cloth on a 2-D illustration from a sample texture. Because our method just using simple affine transformation in 2-D space, users can be free from preparing or operating any 3-D models until they finishes their work. This is useful especially for putting screen tones on comics or manga drawings for any type of cloth representation such as clothes, furniture and so on. First, we prepare a sample texture. It is better the texture is generated to be able to wrap around because we pick nonexistence pixels from the opposite side. Then we draw wrinkle lines on the texture with a tablet pen or a mouse. The texture is warped taking into account the input properties. By using drawing input for control transformation, we can provide intuitive operation and inspiration especially for comics and manga artists.

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