“Teaching and Creating Animatics” by Keeshen

  • ©Jim Keeshen




    Teaching and Creating Animatics



    This hands-on workshop guides educators and students through the process of setting up an animatic and teaches them how to create a short story using traditional and computer-aided methods. The presentation includes:
    • Story – how to structure around a given theme or music.
    • Storyboarding – written as well as drawn visualization.
    • Key framing – posing out the characters and scenes.
    • Timing – guessing at what it should be (theory vs actual).
    • Premeire – using the software to marry the visuals with sound; putting
    “theory vs actual” to work.
    • Scheduling – how do you estimate the time it takes to do the work?
    • Budgeting – if this were a real job what would it cost?
    • The business – how students should think about marketing themselves.
    The workshop also teaches the teachers what they need to set up a similar situation for their own teaching purposes. It includes samples of completed works and works in progress, to illustrate the process more completely.

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