“TapShot: screenshot snippets as GUI shortcuts” by Gohlke, Hlatky and Loviscach

  • ©Kristian Gohlke, Michael Hlatky, and Jörn Loviscach



Entry Number: 97


    TapShot: screenshot snippets as GUI shortcuts



    During extended sessions with a graphical user interface (GUI), users often apply a small set of commands with high frequency. A majority of direct manipulation tasks on a GUI are carried out using the mouse, particularly when keyboard shortcuts are not provided or the user is not familiar with them. Thus, to invoke a certain command, the user is required to aim the mouse pointer at a given onscreen widget and click with the mouse. If the overall task requires a user to click on the same widget repeatedly as part of a sequence of different interleaved micro-tasks, the overall performance suffers, as each point-and-click action requires a considerable amount of time for correctly aiming at the respective control.


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