“Tangible viewpoints: a physical interface for exploring character-driven narratives” by Mazalek and Davenport

  • ©Ali Mazalek and Glorianna Davenport



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    Tangible viewpoints: a physical interface for exploring character-driven narratives

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    Over the centuries, stories have moved from the physical environment (around campfires and on the stage), to the printed page, then to movie, television, and computer screens. Today, using wireless and tag sensing technologies, story creators are able to bring digital stories back into our physical environment. The Tangible Viewpoints project explores how physical objects and augmented surfaces can be used as tangible embodiments of different character perspectives in a multiple point-of-view interactive narrative. These graspable surrogates provide a more direct mode of navigation to the story world, bringing us closer to bridging the gap between the separate realms of bits and atoms within the field of digital storytelling.


    1. Mazalek, A. 2001. Tangible Interfaces for Interactive Point-of-View Narratives. MS thesis, MIT Media Laboratory.

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