“Synthesizing Panoramas for Non-Planar Displays: A Camera Array Workflow”

  • ©Esan Mandal and Amy Kwa

  • ©Esan Mandal and Amy Kwa

  • ©Esan Mandal and Amy Kwa

  • ©Esan Mandal and Amy Kwa



Entry Number: 77


    Synthesizing Panoramas for Non-Planar Displays: A Camera Array Workflow



    In this talk we present a production workflow to generate panoramic high-resolution images for location-based entertainment and other semi-immersive visualization environments. Typically the display screens at these installations are an integral part of the surrounding architecture and have arbitrary non-planar surfaces. Our workflow is designed to minimize the distortions caused by the screen shape and optimize rendering of the high-resolution images while leveraging our existing feature film pipeline which, uses a standard perspective linear-projection camera model.


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