“Superformula solutions for 3D Graphic Arts and CAD/CAM” by Gielis and Beirinckx

  • ©Johan Gielis and Bert Beirinckx

  • ©Johan Gielis and Bert Beirinckx



Entry Number: 004


    Superformula solutions for 3D Graphic Arts and CAD/CAM



    Implicit functions based on one single equation can provide different solutions for problems in computer graphics and CAD. This particularly interesting and entirely unique equation called the Superformula, a generalization of superellipses and supercircles, with a stunning representation of natural geometries in plants and living things [1] and with potential for computer graphics [2] (see also www.genicap.com). Here we describe our current research, to show how the Superformula can be used advantageously for CAD. Description of a wide variety of shapes using a single formula allows for extremely compact file sizes. This will allow CAD applications and cooperative work on all platforms, including wireless application.


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