“Subanosecond pixel rendering with million transistor chips” by Gharachorloo, Gupta, Hokenek, Balasubramanian, Bogholtz, et al. …

  • ©Nader Gharachorloo, Satish Gupta, Erden Hokenek, Peruvemba Balasubramanian, Bill Bogholtz, Christian Mathieu, and Christos Zoulas




    Subanosecond pixel rendering with million transistor chips



    The desire for higher performance and higher resolution continuously increases the pixel update rates needed in high performance graphics systems. The increasing density of memory chips on the other hand reduces the pixel update rate that can be provided by the frame buffer. We present the design of a VLSI chip and a graphics system that can sustain sub-nanosecond pixel rendering rates for three-dimensional polygons and can be used to render about a million Z-Buffered and Gourard shaded polygons per second. The chip has been designed at the IBM Research Division’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center.


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