“Stylized Trees and Landscapes” by Murphy and Galanter

  • ©Laura K. Murphy and Philip Galanter

  • ©Laura K. Murphy and Philip Galanter



Entry Number: 97


    Stylized Trees and Landscapes



    Eyvind Earle (1916-2000) is known in the animation community as the matte painter who painted the backgrounds in Sleeping Beauty. He was also a prolific artist and landscape painter who painted through the last year of his life [bio 2014]. After studying his paintings and methods, I derived my own method of digitally modeling trees and landscapes based on his work.
    This poster describes my initial work on stylized trees and landscapes based on the artwork of Eyvind Earle. Using the 3D software package Houdini, I created node networks that create simple shapes, evenly scattered points, and separate shadow geometry. The shapes and points are rendered with flat colors or smooth gradients to complete the look for Eyvind Earle’s distinctive graphic style.


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